Monday, November 1, 2010

Recording of our mini conference 1.11.10

Here is the recording of our mini conference from 1.11.10. Driving change: Introducing a virtual education and training portal into a large organisation / network - the opportunities and challenges. Thankyou to those of you who attended and we look forward to your feedback.
Regards Jillian & Malcolm


  1. Just been to the ePortfolio conference and a few things cropped up that I'd love to talk to you and your speaker (whose name escapes me) about eportfolio. Can I also put you in touch with Joanne Mcshane who is a nurse on the Gold Coast, who is very interested in the portal and how to integrate it with eportfolio.

  2. Thanks Sarah, I will look her up on Groupwise and get in contact with her. I will drop Kayleen Gordon a line on email and include you in it and we can maybe skype or something.