Monday, November 1, 2010

My evaluation of our mini conference

Overall I am generally please with how the session turned out. I spent alot of time (and some would say too much time) preparing down to the enth degree and having back up plans for absolutely everything. My biggest fear was not being able to manage the technology and associated problems - something out of my control. (I realise that I am a total control freak and do not like anything to be outside of my control). I have found online facilitating similar in lots of ways to my facilitation of the student midwife real world environment however it is the unpredictability of the virtual world that scares me. All in all the things I will take away from this course are:
1. Learning new technology is very time comsuming and at times frustrating. Without the desire to learn more, the obstacles would be overwhelming for an apathetic learner. Therefore we need to engage, excite and arouse the learner to tweek their interest and bring them to the onine world of learning
2. Give them reasons to engage. Advertise the benefits to them. Sell them the product / site / technology. Sales plays a big part in getting them to the site. Social networking plays a big part in keeping them there. Use this to your advantage.
3. A plethora of tools awaits us - ever growing, ever changing. Be patient, have a go and have fun as you engage with people from all walks of life. It will open doors and provide access to people you never knew existed.
4. Don't take it all too serious. Now that my uni semester is all but over, maybe now I can relax a little more and really enjoy the online journey. With no assessments hanging in the balance, I can just enjoy the experience. Would love to have another go at it when it is just for fun.
5. The process of online facilitation from start to finish is lengthy, complicated and at times frustrating however it has improved my skills exponentionally because I had to do it over and over again. I am proud of myself for silly things like being able to hyperlink tiny URLs, edit a wiki, work a world time clock, help someone new come into Elluminate -walk them through the process and trouble shoot. I need to work on getting better at Twitter - not really getting the whole concept yet, understanding more technical jargon and being able to sell / advertise things better online.
Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt heaps. Thanks to Sarah for excellent you tube videos (an idiots guide on how anything) these really made a difference to being able to do things without having to ask you all the time LOL!!! Thankyou to all the participants for your encouragement, sharing of knowledge and ideas and to my family who has supported me in this very time consuming process of online learning.


  1. Hi Jillian, You should be very proud of yourself, it was a great session and I would be happy to join in any future sessions you have, so keep me on your invite list. The twitter thing is great fun when you get into it. I think the key is to develop a list of people to follow who offer some links that are of interest to you. I have found some really good follows who are into ed tech both international and from australia, you are welcome to check out who I follow.

  2. Thanks Kim, I think I will take you up on that offer. I have 1 week to go with assignments and am hoping to get to as many of the mini conferences as possible this week. Speak soon Jillian

  3. Hi Jillian, thank you for your feedback. You have been a valuable member of the FO2010 team because you have led us with your enthusiasm and expertise, as well as your keenness to give things a go. You have grown in confidence and ability and are an excellent example to us all.

    I think the areas you need to focus on now are your general online networking skills...building a Twitter network...developing your blog and so on.

    I see you as a midwifery leader in online professional development and've just got to get out there...put your stuff out there and get involved in communities of practice that can support you.

    Look forward to following your adventures and working with you in the future.