Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Facilitating online course

I have decided to enrol in Sarah's online facilitation course as part of my Masters in Midwifery course that I will complete in November. As a Midwifery educator, I am interested in utilising the online medium to engage and educate not only midwifery students but any profession involved in maternity care. I hope that after I have completed this course, I will be able to design and implement my own obstetric emergency online workshop that will have a multi-disciplinary approach. I look forward to meeting people from all over the world - another wonderful advantage of online communication and learning.


  1. Great work, Jillian. Very happy to have you on board.

    I like the buttons you have at the bottom of your post that allows the reader to share with Facebook, Twitter did you do that?

    One of the things that you'll need to learn how to do is put a link in your post eg when you talk about the facilitation course, you need to link to it.

    The way to do it is:

    1. highlight the words you want to link eg 'facilitation online'.
    2. go to the 'world' symbol and click onto it. a box will appear that says 'url'
    3. pasted the url of the website you want to link to & then click 'ok'.
    4. then, save the blog post.

    hope that helps, Sarah

  2. Hi Jillian,
    Online facilitation will definitely give you the flexibility of delivery with your proposed workshops!

    I look forward to working with you through the coming weeks :)

  3. Hi Jillian,
    Looking forward to hearing about your proposed emergency online workshop.

  4. Hi Jillian
    Great to read your plans... I lolok forward to meeting you online.

  5. Hi there, also hope to get a great deal out of the course.