Monday, July 26, 2010

Gadgets and widgets

I am a tad confused about gadgets and widgets. I saw an ad for adsense (a blogger can use this to add ads to their blogs and get money from it and also Zemanthe - which is a gadget that allows you to boost your blogs by enabling you to add pictures, links etc to your blogs. Do I have this information correst? and if so is it wise to use things like Zemanthe? I wouldn't use adsense as i hate ads!!!


  1. Never heard of Zemanthe. I wouldn't use it for the time being. You should find most the gadgets you need in Blogger.

  2. There are some great widgets on blogger, like the clock (which I used as people from all over the world log in and they can see the time where you are) Sidebar for slide shows, news etc. You can also use blogger in draft which is their test environment to have a play with things before adding them to your final site.

  3. I have just a solid play session checking out widgets for my igoogle page. I expect my productivity will leap and my time management will improve. It will have too to my work move more to online facilitation.

  4. I took all weekend (won't tell you how many hours!) to set up my Google Reader and iGoogle page. But's really paid off this week..saved me heaps of time and feel so much better that I'm orgaised and I feel much more confident that I am not missing anything.

    The only thing I forget is to follow the #FO2010 stream in Twitter. Just thinking now how I can feed that into iGoogle.

  5. Hi Jillian
    I've joined the FO2010 course and experimenting with blogs and comments and picked you as a random fellow participant to introduce myself! Hope you're enjoying the course. Maybe talk with you at some stage when I figure out how the whole system works!