Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Online tools = wonderful networking opportunities

My thoughts so far into the 3rd week- this course has given me wonderful opportunities to network with people I may never have come in contact with before. Online people seem more willing to help you and are prepared to offer all sorts of information and assistance. I can't say I'm feeling comfortable with any of the mediums / tools yet but I am at least playing and finding my way slowly through the maze of new tools. I am concentrating on my blog, 2-3 other blogs, skype, wiki educator and OFC blog. My email is getting out of control so need to figure out a way to continue to make it easy for me and better manage my time. I wonder if there is a way of making the blogs from the OFC and my followed blogs go into a folder in my email inbox and not into the main inbox?


  1. There probably is a way t set up your email to do this, but afraid I cannot help you...have to ask someone a little more geeky than me.

    Thanks for volunteering to be a facilitator on Friday. I'm sure you'll have fun :)

  2. Well I am up preparing for my first attempt at faciliatating online. I have read all the pre-reading, prepared an outline of what I have to say (in case I freeze), typed a back up format if Chris's audio dies and saved a copy of Terry's power point presentation in case something happens to that as well. I am getting on to Elluminate an hour early to be sure I am connected and hope and pray the 4 kids wake up in the morning (in a good mood)and everything goes to plan. The meeting is at 9am in the morning in Brisbane - just after the school run so nobody better forget their lunch or show and tell because there will be no going back for it tommorrow. Funny, it feels just like the day before I have a big presentation to give at my uni. Lots of planning,(Plan A,B,C and Z just in case)Although at least if I make a mistake tommorrow it is all part of the learning process.

  3. This sounds fabulous...much more than I usually do LOL