Sunday, August 15, 2010

My online identity - what do I want it to be?

After listening to Week 4's session with Sarah on 'online identity', it got me thinking about the comparison to our real life identity. Having met Sarah personally last year after following her musings for awhile I feel that her online identity matches what I saw in real life. I found her to be an upfront, open person who was willing to disclose information about her herself (her life, work and personality) to make deeper connections with the people she met. I found this refreshing and exciting because I find it rare these days to come across someone who is as open as Sarah, especially to that extent. As humans we have a need to develop relationships (social or otherwise) with others. How we communicate, present our selves, behave, develop and grow impacts on how we interact with others and the level in which that relationship forms. An online identity allows a person to be as close too or as far away from the real person as they want to be. The level of control over this issue raises many concerns and call it idealistic but I too feel confortable with having my online identity match my real identity but respect those who for what ever reason do not.


  1. Thank you for your very kind comments - you obviously only ever met me when I was in a good mood!

    I think I have changed over the last few years...that my 'real' identity has become that of my online identity, rather than the other way round. I set out to be 'open' online...and so I have become more open F2F. A lot of that has come about as I have learned from people like Leigh Blackall...and learned more about education in general, and open education specifically. Do you think there is any way your identity will change, be it online or 'real' as you learn more about social networking etc?

  2. I'm not sure, time will tell. I am a very open person by nature (This has got me in to trouble on occasions)so find online communication very easy and I am confortable with it. I probably put more thought into my written word then I do with what comes out of my mouth - probably a good thing! So far I have found people generally very willing to be helpful and friendly and have not had any bad experiences so it will be interesting to see how I handle a difficult situation. As always, dealing with humans and communication is never dull or boring and so far I feel my real identity matches my online identity. HAving met me, would you agree or disagree? IS what I write and the style of my written communication similar to who I am? PLease be honest because you never know until someone tells you.

  3. Hi Jillian,
    Your blog looks really inviting. I like the colour scheme and the layout. You write well and the words flow easily; your ideas are interesting. You come across as curious and interesting. I enjoyed reading your about me information.
    You are setting up a really welcoming online persona which matches how I found you on our Skype call at the beginning.

    I agree with your impression of Sarah, even though I haven't had the privilege (yet) of meeting face to face. Both of you come across as very real and warm people.

  4. Thanks Carolyn, I appreciate your feedback.It is nice to know that what I am putting out there online is what is being received. I am still trying to figure out how to do a video so may give you a skype call to ask a few questions.