Thursday, August 5, 2010

First time at facilitating online

Well I am preparing for my first attempt at faciliating online tommorrow morning. I have read all the pre-reading, prepared an outline of what I have to say, typed a back up plan of what Chris has to say, saved Terry's power point in case she needs a back up and will connect to skype in case Elluminate dies (heaven forbid!!!) I am getting onto Elluminate an hour early just to make sure I am connected and functioning and hope and pray the 4 kids wake up early in the morning (in a good mood) and everything goes to plan. The meeting is at 9am in the morning (Brisbane time) which is just after the school run, so no one better forget their lunch or show and tell because we are not going back tommorrow. Funny, it feels just like the day before I have to give a big presentaion at uni. Lots of planning (Plan A, B, C and Z just in case). Although at least if I make a mistake tommorrow, it is all part of the learning process!!!!

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  1. I have to say I think you did an amazing job. You sounded very professional and knew exactly what was going on. I was very impressed with the way you and Chris worked you had been a team for years. I think this really demonstrates the importance of good preparation