Friday, September 17, 2010

All coming together

Through serendipitous moments and networking that have come about due to this course, I am meeting people I would never have had the opportunity to meet before. Not only am I learning about a whole new world that has opened up to me but there is a reciprocity vibe in the air that keeps surprising me everywhere I look.
2 years ago I took 12 months long service leave to rescue myself, my health and most of all my marriage and my family. Turning my life around, ment letting go of my passion / job - midwifery and by doing so, I was able to spend time caring for myself and my family. It was during those special but difficult months that I learned to be still, live in the moment and appreciate what I have. So here I am - living in the moment, happily married, healthy and enjoying where life is taking me. It is introducing me to people like Sarah Stewart and Malcolm Lewis who share the same passion for life and I am forever thankful that I have had the opportunity to join this course and re-ignite the passion I feel for life. I only hope that I can give back what has come my way.


  1. Hi Jillian, so glad you are having such fun. I have the same feelings about using social networking...It's more than using technology...its a way of life...connecting with people...talking to people...being part of their lives and they join yours.

    I know you will find that you get a chance to 'give' in the same way you are a very short while you will find yourself being a mentor ...The question then may much can I give?

  2. Hi Jillian, it is great to hear about your personal journey and how you are in a really good place right now. I am also learning about that 'whole new world'. Participating in #FO2010 has introduced me to a new way of learning and I find that people are so willing to share, assist & support.

  3. I couldn't agree more Jillian with your point about the vibe of reciprocity and how we can all come together and complement each others learning - you are undoubtedly giving back to this community. We can all learn from this by living in the moment.

  4. Jillian, I couldn't agree with you more about the vibe of reciprocity - we are really all learning and sharing together. And rest assured you are giving back to this community. I love your reference to living in the moment, I'm trying to live that way too! (This is my 2nd attempt at leaving a comment - first time round it took forever, before my browser started opening up millions of tabs of your blog! Fingers crossed this one will post...)