Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 8 - working collaboratively and use of Dim Dim

I had my first experience in Dim Dim. I went in with an open mind, prepared for things to not be as efficient as Elluminate. My experience was as expected but it has not deterred me from giving it another go based on a few reasons. Firstly, what I have read about Dim Dim and what Sarah has said about the platform did not match the experience (in terms of voice delay and drop outs) so I am willing to give it another go. Also the fact that it is free, gives cash strapped organisations the ability to at least have a forum in the virtual world - which would be a big consideration for many. Another positive point is that there is no downloading of programmes etc - benefit to less computer savy participants. So all in all - I will try again at another time, although not necessarily in a hurry.

As for working collaboratively, I have learnt about google docs, wiki's and continue to hone my skills in blogging. I sometimes find looking at and replying to other people's blogs a little cumbersome and a lengthy process but have discovered that this is because I go off on tangents. I see something of interest in their blog, follow the link and then maybe follow another link and find I forget where I'm up to. I am so interested in making sure I learn as much as possible that I get distracted easily. I find the same thing happens when I complete the weekly activities - never one to miss out on any opportunity to earn something new. So I will try a new method this week - complete the activity I am on and keep a note of new sites etc to visit on a 'to do list'. Will see if that improves my priorty management (as opposed to time management - another thing I learnt about this week on another tangent. lol!!!!).

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  1. It has been my experience that this does settle down as time goes by- you become a lot more focused as you become more knowledgeable about online tools & decide what you like and do not like.