Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 8 - using new knowledge

What I am learning in this course is not only benefiting me in my work environment but also making my life easier and more productive in my personal life. For example: I am rewriting my local netball association's constitution and have decided to use google docs (has made my life so much easier to collaborate with the other girls who are helping me do it) and saved confusion with many different versions.

Learning about wiki's has given me another option in relation to using it as a platform for my online CoP within my health organisation. I have found a wiki set up by a previous FO 2008 student from NZ specifically for midwives. No point reinventing the wheel.

Although probably the best collaborative moment that occured this week was through networking. I came across a lady who has been given the project within QLD Health to set up 'Clinical Education QLD - Clin Ed Q". She has designed a portal based on Share Net to facilitate education, training, blogs, personalised - web pages, e-portfolio, create personalised teams etc all at the one site. What I liked about it was that it was more of a 'bringing together of all the resources and directed you to the links rather than having to keep all the information updated solely by QLD Health. It enabled the viewer to be as personalised as they wanted to or just browse. At the moment it only has the capacity to interact with QLD health employees but come December it is hoped that people from outside can be invited in to participate. It has been piloted at 3 sites and will be distributed to all QLD Health workers in the next few weeks. Very exciting news!!!!!

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