Sunday, October 31, 2010

Feedback from the mini conference

Thankyou for providing us with your feedback. If you could answer a few simple questions and leave your comments it would be much appreciated.
1. What did you learn in the session?
2. How can you apply this knowledge to your future work?
3. Any further feedback that you feel would benefit us.


  1. Thanks very much for this session, Jillian and Malcolm. You obviously both put a lot of work into preparing and did a very professional job of facilitating. The topic was relevant and interesting. I felt very welcome to ask questions and you did a good job in making sure everyone had a chance to talk.

    The only critique I have of how you facilitated everything was that I think you could have been a little more proactive in your marketing...used Twitter more...and had more of a running-in time...starting last week to advertise.

    Great work, both of you - you've set the bar high :)

  2. This was the first session in which my "physical voice" was actively sought and with which I finally felt comfortable contributing in elluminate, so on a personal level as an e-participant I valued this session v. much for that reason.
    You guys also made a fantastic choice with your guest speaker Kayleen. What a achievement; both in what she and her team accomplished, and in you guys for getting her to talk to us.
    One of the things I learned from the session is that across institutions and disciplines we have similar issues when it comes to technology; that there is resistance to uptake, and there is resistance to share. This is most useful for my future as I think about strategies for helping colleagues overcome their fears and developing a more trusting culture... it is a relief to know that it's not just me! and I can expect this resistance ... and I don't need to worry about it, just work with it.
    Thank you Jillian and Malcolm (and Kayleen)

  3. Thanks Katherine, yes I think it is interesting that we seem to all have similar issues no matter what the discipline which makes me think it is just human nature. I'm glad you felt welcome, that is good feedback for us and makes you realise that just doing the little things makes a difference for people to feel comfortable. Thanks, very constructive

  4. Yes Sarah, I agree with you on the more advertising bit. I would do it differently next time. Agreeing on the topic subject earlier would have definately helped us to start advertising earlier, so that is something that really held us up. Our initial thoughts changed after we started to write the aims for the session because what I wanted the participants to acheive for the session, didn't match the title so we had to do a regig. Have definately learnt for next time. I was wondering how people went who facilitated a session they knew nothing about - like the OT world day? I think that would bring a different feel to the facilitation job??? Anyone want to volunteer their thoughts?

  5. The people to talk to are Jane Scripps and Sebastian.