Friday, October 29, 2010

Mini Conference

Well the time has finally arrived for us to test our skills and 'walk the talk'. Our mini conference (Malcolm Lewis and I will be facilitating) is due to be held on Monday 1st Nov at 11am Brisbane time. For world clock times: .

For those of you interested in gaining an understanding about the opportunities and challenges that impact on participants uptake and engagement in a new education and training e-platform, please join us for what we hope will be an interesting and lively session.

Kayleen Gordon will be our guest speaker (with over 26 years in education, a Masters in Education specialising in e-learning) and is the Assistant Director of Nursing for the new QLD Health Education and Training portal - ClinEdQ. She has first hand experience about the challenges faced by organisations and individuals as they try and engage people with online learning / networking.

Please join us if you are interested in just hearing about Kayleen's experiences or have some suggestions of your own. Kayleen will also discuss some strategies on how best to encourage engagement and uptake of a new site.

Information on how to access Elluminate can be found here:
The link for the room can be found here:

If you are new to Elluminate and need to test your audio and mic, please enter into Elluminate at least 20 min before the scheduled start time so Malcolm and I can assist you.

To leave your feedback, we would appreciate if could answer the following 2 questions via your comments:
1. What did you learn in this session?
2. How can you apply this to your future work?
3. Any further feedback that you feel would benefit us.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


  1. I have just tidied things up a little on the wiki page so people can see the link to the room and how to use it.

    Good luck tomorrow - I'm sure it will be a fabulous session :)

  2. Thanks, are there such things as computer Gremlins???? I am beginning to wonder - dropping internet, bent printer cable, lost documents and I'm normally so organised. When Malcolm got on for a practice this afternoon, he was coughing+++, losing his mic and unable to upload the power point as well - I know the little buggers are up to something. They better watch out tomorrow or else. OK sounds like I'm losing my marbles so will go to bed. See you in the morning

  3. What you have to remember, in terms of assessment for FO2010, is that this is about the process...what you learn from it. Yes...I know you want the session to work but in the end its all about what you learn going through the process of facilitating this event.

  4. There may have been gremlins at the practice but they had taken themselves off for the presentation, well done. My thought was wow what a major undertaking but then it seems that the goals, opportunities and challenges are similar whether for thousands of learners or a few. In particular having change accepted at all levels of an organisation from learners to high level management appears to be essential. This makes it so important to identify common goals and communicate them but then continually evaluate to see if they are still relevant. One thing I need to focus on with my elearning opportunities is keep the space moving and evolving - my goal for the future.

  5. Thanks Jillian and Malcolm I found the session really enlightening. Whilst the focus of the talk was the portal to be launched one of the key learnings I took away was the way that people (humans) share learning and information. It will be interesting to see if this tool (the portal) is used for collaboration once it is up and running. Once I get back to work (return from maternity leave) I am sure I will be re-introduced to the challenge of encouraging (pushing) people to share and collaborate, but for now I am enjoying the openness of sharing via social mediums and opportunities such as attending your Elluminate session.

  6. I just want to say I am kicking myself for poor time management and will pick up the recording then post a comment on the blog, sincere apologies. As I have been using an institutional portal I may be able to contribute in this way too, just a big SORRY

  7. Thanks to everyone for their support and feedback. Malcolm and I were pleased with the session and how it went. I feel I would like to have the opportunity to do it again soon so as to keep the momentum going. Like anything, the more you do ,the better you get at it.

  8. There's nothing stopping you from organising free sessions for health professionals...I've been meaning to do it for ages. While I am at OP I can give you access to Elluminate or you can use (ask Coach Carole about that cos she uses it all the time)